Procedure for e-filing
  1. 1. Step 1: Preparation of the petition online
    • 1.1.The original text material, documents, additional information, main petition, as the case may be, and interlocutory applications etc. will be prepared electronically using MS Word or Open Office software. The formatting style of the text will be as under:
    • Paper size :A-4

      Margins Top :1.5


      Left :2.54


      Font:Century Gothic

      Font Size:12

      Line spacing:1.5

    • 1.2.The documents should be converted into Portable Document Format (PDF) using any PDF converter or in-built PDF conversion plug-in provided in the software
    • 1.3.Where the document is not a text document and has to be enclosed with the petition, appeal or application or other pleadings, the document should be scanned using an image resolution of 300 dpi (dot per inch) and saved as a PDF document.
    • 1.4At a single form submit total size of the files uploaded should not exceed 300 MB. If files to be uploaded are more than mentioned size, then the same can be uploaded in different iterations.
    • 1.5The text documents prepared in MS Word/Open Office as well as scanned documents should be merged as a single PDF file and bookmarked as per the index of the petition.PDF Sam is free and open source software for merging and splitting PDF documents.
    • 1.6The merged documents should be uploaded at the time of e-filing. The screen shots of the manner of accessing the e-filing portal and filling up the relevant columns for the purpose of e-filing are set out in e-Filing user manual/ video tutorials
  2. 2. Step 2: Online filing the petition on RERC e-filing portal:
    • 2.1.The e-filing portal can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlink (e-filing) placed at the home page of the web site after registration by entering login credentials. The stakeholders learned Counsels/Advocate can register them on RERC e-Filing portal by clicking e-Registration (New User). User account once created can be used in future by the party or the lawyer. Registration no. and login credential will be sent through SMS. Please refer e-Registration user manual/ video tutorials.
    • 2.2.After successful login, fill in all the details of the petitions on the General Information form. On saving this form a Reference Number will be generated and other forms like Respondent Details, Related Petitions, Identical Petitions, Attachments, and Summary etc. will be displayed. Then upload all the files/documents related to petition fee is automatically calculated through system. The total petition/application fee is payable through RTGS / NEFT / Payment Gateway only. The screen shots of the manner of accessing the e-filing portal and filling up the relevant columns for the purpose of e-filing are set out in e-Filing user manual/ video tutorials.
    • 2.3.Finally, after submission of petition a diary number is generated by the system against the petition filed. An e-mail confirming the same will be send to the users registered e-mail id.
    • 2.4.Take the print out of Summary Sheet, Form1 (Payment related) from the e-Filing reports & summary section and submit it at Registry along with the hardcopies as per the current system of filing hard copies of petitions in terms of the provisions of the RERC (Transaction of Business) Regulations, 2021, as amended from time to time in addition to the above.
    • 2.5.The documents uploaded by the Petitioner are visible to RERC and Respondents filled by the Petitioner at the time of filling petition except the Vakalatnama.
    • 2.6.The petition filed by the parties or lawyers are scrutinized by RERC registry and in case a defect is found the notification of the same is sent via email/SMS to one who has filed the petition. The Petitioner can also see the defects in their respective interface also.
    • 2.7.Corresponding to any deficiency notified, the party or lawyer may rectify the defect and upload the fresh document/petition through their interface.
    • 2.8If no deficiency is found the petition is registered and notification via email/SMS is sent to the Petitioner.
  3. 3. Step 3: Online filing of Replies/Rejoinders/Written Submission/Additional Information etc.regarding petition on RERC e-filing portal:
  4. 4.Step 4: For more details please refer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. Assistance will be extended to the parties to file the petitions online through the helpdesk available with the registry of the Commission.
  5. 5. Step 5: For all technical errors, queries, training slots dates, feedback, suggestions etc. please contact/write/mail to:
  6. Receiving Officer on
    Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission,
    Vidyut Viniyamak Bhawan, Near State Motor Garage,
    Sahakar Marg, Jaipur-3020